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Buy Only What You Love | Part 2

Once you have pinned (by gut) a good 50 -100 pins on each board give yourself mental distance. Leave these boards for a few days. When you come back, look at the collection of images on the board and begin to lump together images illustrating common characteristics. For example, are there a lot of images of residential spaces with high ceilings? Is there a lot of color in your interior images? If so, any particular color that keeps reappearing? Are the materials in the images made of natural materials? Now let’s move onto the fashion board. Are there a lot of images with people wearing accessories (glasses, scarves, jewelry)? Heels or flats? Color or neutrals? Patterns or more neutrals with a lot of texture variation? Really study your boards, scanning the images for as many common characteristics as you can find.

Once you have determined the commonalities amongst the imagery that you pinned, dig a little deeper. Why do these characteristics keep reappearing? What about them resonates with you? Start flipping through your life story for answers and listen. I’ll give you an example of what happened to me when I started exploring the commonalities in my imagery boards. A theme that kept popping up in fashion/interior images for me was limited color with a lot of textural variety. When I dug into the WHY, I discovered that texture speaks to my roots, it reminds me of my heritage and the landscape in which I grew up; surrounded by a hilly landscape of forests and ocean. The limited color along with the colors I gravitate towards again speak to the landscape I grew up in. With long winters, my surroundings were often composed of whites, grays, black & brown. When color was present in my inspiration images, they tended to be blues or greens. The rugged landscape that I grew up exploring left a large imprint on me. The spaces that I tend to feel the happiest, most comfortable & safe are spaces that are characteristic of the natural beauty of the island I grew up on.

Now, how does this deeper knowledge help me create a space that truly represents who I am? Knowing that my love for texture is linked to nature, gives me more concise information that I can use when making design decisions. I now know that it isn’t just texture I want to introduce to spaces but nature itself. I now can draw from the landscape I grew up in, it’s colors, textures, pure forms, natural materials.

Via Bosmans Haarden website.

Once we have reflected and have a deeper understanding of the characteristics that speak to us we can get to the objects themselves. The biggest concern I often hear when buying only what you love is cost. The good news is, knowing the characteristics of objects and spaces that speak to you can be used as criteria as you search for cost effective versions. The biggest thing to keep in mind when finding that perfect mug, blanket, etc. is quality. Make sure the product not only represents what you love characteristically but that it also is of high quality. You don’t want to buy items that will wear out quickly and find yourself, only a few months later having to replace it. I see this scenario arise time and again where someone will buy more items at a low price point, thinking they are coming out on top; more things with more money saved. The reality is, when you buy high quality items you buy less frequently.

In the coming weeks and months ahead, I will post about how to identify quality in common items. You will also see recommendations for quality items in my posts. I will be recommending items that always come with a cost effective version if applicable. Just remember, I am here for you! Use me and other bloggers as a resource. Our job is to know the ins and outs of products so we spend the time doing the research. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Find bloggers that you trust and let them do the information filtering for you!