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Introducing Hearth & Now

Hearth & Now is dedicated to helping our readers understand and utilize the principles of good design to better engage the present moment. We do this by helping identify the things you love, and be more aware of the reasons why. This discovery is not a celebration of things, but a celebration of self – because knowing what makes you happy means you can actively surround yourself with items and rituals that promote an atmosphere of  joy – and, in those moments, pause to feel a powerful sense of awareness and gratitude.

This blog will help you cultivate a life composed of these moments that truly represent you and your own personal joy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these moments often take place in our home. By having a home environment that strongly represents who you are, you are in  constant motion through  an external world that reflects  your inner self. It’s ultimately a feeling of connectedness. When one feels connected, one feels happy.

Along the way, we’ll offer tool building exercises that will help you discover your true aesthetic preferences. This is a journey  that requires quite a bit of digging. It isn’t saying Amen to what the world tells you to like, but cultivating your own unique voice. We’ll help you peel back layers of yourself in search of deeper meaning. For instance, one may find that common themes related to why someone loves something connects back  to one’s childhood or heritage. This is the space where your inner self becomes expressed through objects and space. This is when your soul is made visible.

Inspirational moments are when you do the things you enjoy with objects you truly love. When you do things with objects that represent who you are you elevate the experience. The goal of this blog is to curate moments that optimize your enjoyment of activities so that your awareness of happiness in the moment grows. Once you are aware of enjoyment you have the opportunity to be present and give thanks.

Many of the inspirational moments you will find on this blog are everyday scenes, finding the sacred in the ordinary. It is important to note, purchasing new objects is not necessary for this journey, nor the goal of this blog. Everyone’s journey will be different. If you are someone who feels as though you are surrounded by objects that don’t reflect who you truly are yet your pocketbook doesn’t allow for anything besides basic needs right now, don’t fret. This blog is for you too.  It is for anyone that is looking to discover who they truly are, enhance their lives & increase their happiness. Work with what you have. Curating moments that reflect who you are will in itself have tremendous positive effects. Each and everyday you are offered the gift of life. We don’t want to take another day for granted. We want to be present and relish in the beauty that each day offers us.

These posts will comprise of inspirational moment imagery and curated objects. These curated moments will be provided to you in a step by step, do-it-yourself format. You will also be provided with information on the design principles, psychology, spiritual and energetic nature (both physics & feng shui) of these moments. We touch on all of these areas so you know why these inspirational moments are recommended, from a well-being & happiness perspective. The goal is to ensure our readers are informed and provide them with ideas that resonate. We encourage readers to click on referenced, sited information for a more in depth analysis of topics.

In addition to everyday moments, we will also provide season-inspired moments, event moments, holiday moments, etc. Our aim is to offer guidance throughout the year so that you are living your best life, each and everyday. Feel free to email a request for moment topics and we will do our best to curate the moment in a post.

As you read through the inspirational moment posts, you have the opportunity to document (pin, journal, etc.) inspirational imagery that resonates with you. You also have the opportunity to purchase any objects presented through links. All curated moment objects will be discussed in depth through supplemental posts to help you discover the version of the topic object that resonates with you most.

Below is a collection of imagery representing inspirational spaces and inspirational moments. We will expand on these inspirational spaces and moments in upcoming posts!

 Keep in Mind:

  •  I encourage you to complete the tool building exercises before jumping into the inspirational moments & potentially purchasing new items. We want to make sure you have a deep understanding of what you love and why to ensure you purchase only those objects that you truly love & represent who you are. This will not only increase your enjoyment of moments but will also make you a better consumer. You will start to notice that you are purchasing less objects, less often. When you surround yourself with only those objects that you truly love, you tend to use the same objects often and your affection for them stands the test of time.
  • Remember, buying new objects may be part of this journey but it doesn’t have to be. If you love all the objects you already own, you can use these inspirational moments to gain a deeper understanding of topics and/or learn how to curate these moments yourself. 
  • If you find yourself needing to scrap all that you own and begin with a clean slate but are concerned about cost don’t fret. I will provide guidance on transitioning your home & objects so that you can not only prioritize purchases but also sustainably and often profitably dispose of the old!