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As an Interior Designer, my role is is often that of translator. The process is not unlike that of a psychologist, in that I gather information from you through an informal conversation and series of questions. I take that gathered information and combine it with a collection of images that I would ask you to put together ahead of time, which may include images of residential spaces, various styles of decor that resonates with you, etc. From there I analyze the images, interpret common themes from our conversation, and provide an assessment.

Recently, I was sought out by a client who was in the middle of a gut renovation and was, as I like to call it, lost in the weeds. She was experiencing what happens a lot when you really care about the design of a space and are not familiar with the design process. She had curated a pinterest board to host a collection of inspiration images for her residence and was ultimately getting stuck on which direction to go. She liked so many different things, it can be hard to choose a single direction! 

Using the information I gathered from our initial consultation with the images from her Pinterest board, I translated her style into the mood board below. 

What are some of the common design elements you are seeing in this mood board?

  • Neutral palette rich in texture
  • Rustic meets refined
  • Cultural patterns; Ikat, Moroccan, etc.
  • Handmade meets manufactured
  • Rich, jewel tones

In an earlier post (here) I had described how to create a mood board on pinterest that starts to pull together your own individual style. What common themes can you identify in your own inspiration images? Make a list, and then begin a new board based on images that speak strongly to these common themes. In essence, you’re peeling back layers to get to the core of what you love most, coming closer to the center of your unique aesthetic preferences.